Pool Tables

The Pool Tables my Wife Made

Usually, when you hear the term 'pool tables', you think of a table with green felt cloth and a bunch of balls, and you hit them with a cue stick. Well, there are also the pool tables that are tables you put around a swimming pool. Down in Naples, Florida, my brother and his family have lived in the same house for a good number of years, and they have a swimming pool. Out on the patio, they have two pool tables, and both are quite special.

Back a couple years ago, my brother became a grandfather, and my mother a great-grandmother! To celebrate, my wife got out her arts and crafts and bought two small pool tables. Each was a simple wooden table, very cheap to buy, very affordable, and nothing special at all. Well, she got out her wood burning tools, and decided that these pool tables would be special by the time she was done with them.

First off, she got some pictures of teddy bears. She really loves teddy bears; her family's name is Spanish for bear, so it has deep meaning to her. Anyway, onto the pool tables, she sketched out a series of different bears. There was to be a baby bear, mommy and daddy bears, the grandparents, and the great-grandma. I know, no the most accurate of family trees, but these pool tables were intended for one small branch of the family. So, being selective was okay. Then, on the second of the pool tables, she put a baby teddy bear in a little crib, surrounded by his family, and his date of birth along the bottom.

Next, she got her wood burning tools, and started to etch and scorch the wood of the pool tables. The whole process took her all of two days, and then she carefully sanded the pool tables down until they were nice and smooth. After that, she used some different shades of finish or varnish; I honestly don't know what she used. Sorry, that's not my area of creativity. At any rate, when she was done, each bear had a unique look them, and the pool tables each had a beautiful finish. She was careful to make sure the wood was well sealed. After all, they were going to be around a pool; no sense doing all that work just to have them root.

Then, we went down and presented the pool tables to my brother and his wife. Our mother was there, so she could see what my wife had done, and all agreed that the pool tables were a wonderful gift. Each bear had been drawn to match the personality of the person. The baby was easy, and then my niece was depicted painting, and her husband fishing. My brother's bear was building, and his wife bear teaching, and then our mother, why she was sewing - the great passion of her life.

After that, the pool tables were put out by the pool, which is where they've stayed ever since. And, the first time that my niece and her family came down to visit (they live in New England), they had to see the pool tables. Back then, her son was quite the bundle of joy. So, we decided to take a picture of him sitting on the larger of the two pool tables. We all gathered around, set up the camera on its stand, and set the timer. We took quite a few pictures that day, and everyone got a copy.

Today, the pool tables still sit by my brother's pool. This Christmas, my niece and her family are coming to visit again. But, her son is just a bit too big to sit on the table any more.