Pool Tables

Pool Tables

There are various kinds of pool tables that are available with the standard being ninety six inches long. Pool tables are differentiated by their style, the wood being used and color of the cloth. It is important to understand the difference, both subtle and not so subtle in the varying tables so you know what to look for and which ones to choose.

The different kinds of pool tables that are available are home tables, commercial pool tables, coin operated pool tables, custom pool tables and reconditioned pool tables. The commercial pool tables are mainly used in clubs, bars and hotels. Pool tables are also differentiated on the basis of their material and sizes; slate pool tables, Mizerak pool tables, all outdoor pool tables, non slate pool tables, Murray pool tables, seven foot pool tables and nine foot pool tables. The number of available options is simply amazing.

There are three basic types of materials used in the making of pool tables. They are solid wood, veneer laminates and mica laminate or vinyl melamine coating:

  • The mica laminate coated pool tables are the least expensive due to the use of slate that is not framed slate of ¾" thickness and inferior quality leather. Since these cannot be stained, they are not available in many color selections.

  • The veneer laminated pool tables is where the laminate is over the particleboard wood, solid wood or even MDF board. These pool tables have a thickness of ¾" to 1" for the slate and are available with a wood framing or without it. These are also available in a variety of colors.

  • The solid wood or hardwood pool tables are the 3 type of pool tables. These are the best pool tables that are built and are readily available in the market. The types of solid wood differ and a variety of styles are available as well. The most commonly used woods for these pool tables are Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Ash, Maple, and Mahogany. These pool tables are available in different wood types and finishes and other paint finishes that are available.

Outdoor pool tables are also readily available in the market and these are weather proof. These can be a lot of fun especially if you do not have a lot of room in your home for an indoor one. Multi functional pool tables that can be used as poker tables and super tables are also available. Elegant pool tables add personality to a room and change the mood of your billiard room. Well designed and with exquisite handicrafts, these are excellent pool tables to adorn your room! Pool table accessories and pool cues significantly increase the elegance of your pool tables. If you are an avid pool player or simply enjoy the game, having one of your own in your home can provide hours of entertainment while allowing you to hone your skills.

Elegant pool tables are created with superior and patented systems and they are not only beautiful but also very strong. The costs of these pool tables may be higher depending upon the number of man hours gone into the custom hand carving and elaborate designs. With a high demand for traditional designs for pool tables, elegant pool tables with each component hand selected are gradually reigning. Hand picked and selected quality of each component which is cut, machined, sanded and finished by expert craftsmen is the secret behind their increasing popularity.

Custom designs for pool tables bring individuality and flexibility to your board room. These offer more than thirty felt colors and more than ten styles for the pockets and legs. Custom pool tables are elegant and reliable even priced competitively. Furthermore, these can be created with smooth or tapered designs, custom graphics that are air brushed and computer generated artwork. Polished to a mirror-like finish, custom pool tables are like a dream come true in terms of both pricing and quality not to mention the variety! Most manufacturers also offer table cloths for your custom pool tables with high definition patterns permanently laser printed on them. With patterns for every budget, pool tables adorn the homes of enthusiasts and collectors alike. From the middle class homes to famous hotels and homes of celebrities, custom pool tables fit in every where with equal elegance.